• Shirts Service

    Whether business or casual, our laundry service is in a class by itself. Our professional shirt service saves you the chore of washing and ironing shirts. Our experienced cleaners, launder and press shirts ensuring all buttons are intact, colors are bright, and whites are white. For dress shirts, business casual shirts, blouses, or cotton pants, our superior wet cleaning process, commonly known as laundering, will get the rolex day date 36mm uomo m118239 0304 tono argento job done. Our aim is to return your shirt to you, so it looks as good as it did when you purchased it.

  • As with our dry cleaning, we first inspect every item.  Then, after carefully removing any spots, your shirt is dressed and pressed to perfection, starched specifically to your specifications. And because we’ve implemented cleaning protocols that are gentler on your fabric, your shirts will also last longer.