• Wedding and Formal Gowns

    How many times as a small child have you gazed at a photograph of your mother or grandmother as a bride, or retrieved the actual dress from the attic to try it on, only to find that the once so exquisite gown has been transformed - dust, moisture, sunlight and bacteria having caused the gradual deterioration of the fabric over the years, leaving it discoloured and fragile?

    Now at last, as specialists in the cleaning of bridal gowns, we can offer you the opportunity to immortalise your dress, allowing it to be safely stored, yet able to be viewed, admired and cherished whenever you choose.

    Firstly, the gown is dry cleaned in a unique bactericide which ensures that the bacteria transferred onto the fabric through perspiration is elimited, the dress is then hand finished with the utmost care, before you are invited to inspect the gown and choose from one of our beautiful acid free boxes, in which we place your dress - ensuring its safe preservation for years to come.