• Suede & Leather

    Cleaning Leather and Suede Garments

    It is worthwhile to have your leather and suede garments professionally cleaned. Prior to cleaning, let Baker Street Dry Cleaners know any care information that came with the garment and point out any new or old stains, if they exist. Matching pieces should all be cleaned at the same time for consistency. If your leather has started to dim, come see us. We’ll bring back the finesse.

    We also clean UGGS

    One of the most common problems for Leather & Suede during and after winter is the salt stains. 

    While UGGS are very durable, you need to be mindful of stretching and staining that can occur. When the leather becomes wet it will be very easy for your UGGS to stretch and lose shape.

    One of the best ways of making sure that your boots remain looking good is by letting our leather and suede specialist clean them.

    • We remove water and salt stains
    • Remove dirt and soil
    • Restore original colour

    Leave it to us to remove the “UGH” from your UGGS.